Carbonella Suits
1. create an account

Ok so you decided to order a custom made suit or shirt. Good choice!
Start with creating an account so we can get your measurenments.
It’s easy!

Carbonella Suits
2. Getting measured up

We created a way for you to save time to get measured up.
Check out the video (make link to it) of how you should do it!

Carbonella Suits
3. Order

Select your favorite suit, shirt, vest, jacket or pants and customize it
to your specific preferences.
Get to check out and place the order

Carbonella Suits
4. Production

Ok, all is set! We received your order and will make your order.
Within 3-4 weeks you can receive delivery, how cool is that!

Carbonella Suits
5. Fitting

You received your order and it’s time to try on your customized
suit. 2 options here:
– your suit fits perfectly? Perfect, looking forward hearing from you!
– your suit needs a bit of tailoring still. Ok, no problem, we’ve got your back. Check out here what to do (link to FAQ)

Carbonella Suits
6. Form back

In case that you need your suit still fitted, get us that document back and we’ll upload it to our system.
Next time you order, it will be perfect! Now that is seriously cool.