Carbonella Suits is the European specialist in Tailored made garment and customization. Personalizing your garment is what it’s all about. We offer you a unique online concept where you can personalize your suit, shirt, vest or trousers.

You are a new customer at Carbonella Suits and you don’t know your sizes?

Follow these great tips:

When choosing a jacket, make sure that the shoulders are tight and do not cause any dents.
When choosing the pants the waist is the most important factor. Slim fit and regular fit depend on your posture.

At the end of your order, choose your blazer and pant size.

Indicate what your length is and whether or not you need that extra sleeve or pants length.

Do you prefer a slim fit, or rather the default width?

You decide!

When your order arrives at your destination and you would still like to adjust some measurements we advise you to get to a local local tailor service for extra adjustments to have the perfect fit. Believe it or not, we cover those costs!

Learn here how to proceed

Once we have received the made to measure form with your adjusted sizes we than place these into our system.
The next time you order a suit, shirt, jacket, vest or coat, the sizes will be perfect. Isn’t that just great ?!

You are already a customer at Carbonella Suits and the sizes are known in our system?

Well for you that’s just plain and easy! Just place your order and we will take care of the rest.
Have you lost or gained some weight? No problem! Just give us a call or drop us a mail with how much you gained or lost. We will handle the system. To late and already ordered? No problem, just get in touch with your local tailor service to have your order adjusted. We will cover for the cost! Learn how to handle this!

How much can be adjusted?

We have made sure that we provided sufficient fabric in our jackets, pants, vest and coats up to 5kg. Narrowing is still not a problem, but don’t push it to more than 10kg please.

There is a difference between the standard sizes I own and those of which have been delivered?

That could be right. Each brand has its own interpretations of measurements. However, the shoulder surfaces of a jacket and waste of trouwers are generally the same. Made to measure is the best way to go if you want to be absolutely sure! Check out our video how to do this.

What happens after I have changed my order?

Once you have made any adjustments with your local tailor, we will receive a detailed form from you to see we can see what your desired sizes are. Those measurements will be placed into our system for your next order. That guarantees you a perfect fit the next time you order your custom made tailored suit or shirt!

Can Carbonella Suits take my measurements?

Of course we can! We ask €50 which will be handed back to you in a voucher form so you can place your next online order.

Can I adjust my sizes in the system?

No, that’s not possible. That’s to make sure that you don’t make any errors doing so. Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions about this.

Can I send my own made to measure or tailored sizes to Carbonella Suits?

Yes you can! Please send us an email to with the necessary information. They will create an account for you with the necessary sizes so that you can place your orders.